About Us

The people behind Like Chapaa own and operate this website to provide a Kenyan space where local book authors can try to promote their books. We realise that these authors have numerous tools and facilities that achieve this same goal but we believe that having one more tool does more good than harm.

This website also aspires to grow or help grow an online community of book lovers from Kenya. “They” say that Kenyans do not have a reading culture. We think that “they” are wrong. This website will prove that.

We hope to build a place where you can find reviews of any book under the sun, particularly books authored in Kenya, by Kenyans. We further hope to be able to build a community of people who will read these reviews, discuss them and the books themselves, and ultimately buy and read the books. As far as possible, this website shall make sure that each review that is available here will have accompanying information on where to purchase that particular book. We hope to build partnerships with book shops to achieve this.

The Team
This website is managed fully by the Like Chapaa team. We hope to have it managed by a team independent of Like Chapaa in the near future. To this end, we are looking for volunteers and possible employees. Are you interested in joining our team? Start by helping us review books. Anyone can submit a book review to be published on this website. If you catch our eyes by doing so, we shall seek your paid assistance.

A Note To Authors
Come hither and submit your own book reviews. It may help improve book sales, if nothing else.